Digital Marketing

Following the unique method that we always adopt, this approach note divides the entire SEM Process at 3 altitude levels namely –
 System Level
 Process Level
 Deliverable Level
Each level provides insight about the approach and activities that we intend to do while performing the search engine optimization campaign.

 At System Level:
i. Marketing and branding strategies are developed on the basis of industry situations and consumer behaviour.
ii. Analysis of overall process flow and integration of efforts by various stakeholders
iii. Creating a knowledge base for record of any update in SEO
 At Process Level :
I. Trend analysis of keywords’ popularity and web traffic
II. Detailed analysis of competitors
III. Campaign effectiveness and analysis
IV. On page and off page factors and development of content on the basis of LSI methodology
 At Deliverable Level :
We have mentioned the details of ground level activities.

 Details of Services Being Offered :
As part of our Digital Marketing services, we would address the key drivers at the following level. The corresponding deliverables at each level are listed against the respective levels.
The three levels of activity would be:

i. System Level
ii. Process Level
iii. Deliverable Level

 Key objectives of all digital Marketing activities
i. To reach out to increasing number of target consumers when they are searching for different advisory services
ii. Related information and establish credibility of FieldEZ using digital Marketing Optimization techniques.